Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Padiham Nov 2014

A lovely drive over to Padiham yesterday.I was pretty shattered after the NWR committee meeting the day before. Lots of ideas exchanged and some  changes will be announced soon that we hope will make our region more effective. Back to Padiham, I was warmly greeted by several of the members who remembered that I had become the Chair of NWR. our speaker was Sheila Sturrock.

She began by apologising that her talk would not concentrate specifically on embroidery but she did bring along some exquisite  embroidered cards.005006007008009010011Sheila had collated a wonderful range of images of greetings cards, from museums around the country.. She began her talk with St Valentine and moved through this to Christmas and other celebrations. Some cards we more like post cards and others were 3D.The paper skills shown were amazing. I had just decided that this year I do not have time to make my Xmas cards and I'm quite relieved to have made this decision as I could not compete!!!

Don't forget you Blue and gold star and your Winter Wonderland pieces at our Dec meeting and get your thinking caps on , ready to create our tablecloth.

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