Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jacobs Feast

Saturday we met at Bank Top for our annual Jacobs Feast. Tables and chairs were set up, the oven was on ready to warm the quiche and a cup of tea all round. Judith had arranged the morning activity. She had made small kits of felt pieces that we could assemble, stuff and stitch, creating an owl. Mine is now staring at me from the catservatory door handle, his new home. Those who know me well will understand the mis spelling of my sunny room.Mum has a garden room that I have always called the “daughter flat”so mine is also called the cat flat.Back to the owls…DSCF5345Judith was doing an owl impression here…DSCF5347My kit and the finished or still rather flat almost finished pieces.

DSCF5355DSCF5350Lunch was like feeding the 5000.There was almost as much left at the end as when we started. I had a lovely meal and didn't eat again that day.



DSCF5349After lunch Clare really stretched us. A quiz she said, so we moved into groups of four.Well what do you know of the binary system, football and very odd music. We were really taxed but thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done committee.

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