Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Events City, Manchester

Still feeling delicate, I was not very enthusiastic about driving to the Trafford Centre and then wandering around the exhibition but I had promised. Manchester Branch do an amazing job each year so I had to go. Liz asked me to choose my favourite piece for the visitor vote. This piece caught my eye , immediately as it was an unusual form of Blackwork with additional stitched techniques. Liz might not be too happy  that I am making it public but I believe that it is one of her pieces. Great Liz.
 I then went to see a de
mo of how to make a pretty bag. I have a paper template here but as yet it has defeated me. Ro says that it is very easy so I will not give in.

Wandering around , I saw an exhibition based on a Scottish theme competition and was drawn immediately to a piece that I recognised , by our member John.

 Finally I admired the collection of costumes from Far from the Madding Crowd, I have read this book several times so matching costumes to characters was fun.

 I had been asked by Pauline to pick up some double sided.  cellotape. I saw it on the way in so as I was leaving I went to purchase but they had run out. Sorry Pauline. I did have two more quick trips around to see if I could see it elsewhere.

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