Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Capability Brown project

Time is passing by and it will soon be our exhibition at Gawthorpe Hall. I know that we have been very involved with the plans for the NWR Day but several members stated that they would like to be involved in this project as well. I gave out 15 instruction sheets and will bring more next month. I brought along my first piece, that I only started recently. I learned how to smock at Lesleys Thursday night class but wanted to be less traditional and use the smocking as a way to manipulate the fabric. So I managed to thread the smocking machine, {not as awful as I had thought} and smocked a really long piece. I then brought it home and dyed it with silk paints. Then I used the smocking stitches in a more random way. I removed the original smocking stitches, held my breath and looked. I was quite satisfied so went ahead and stitched a flight of steps , trees and some grass onto the surface. I then mounted it onto a piece of fabric and then onto an A4 canvas. members last night were very complimentary.
I decided to use the same photograph for my second pieces, one for Bolton and one for Pendle!!! I had thought about this weeks ago and collected a wide range of wool and silk tops, hand dyed scrim, handmade felts and of course , threads. This time I laid the scrim onto the felt and needle felted then together. I then added silk tops in blue for the sky and grey for the steps. The trees were layers of knitting wool and the grass in the middle was wool tops and stitch. Finally I mounted it onto hand made felt and added grass stitches to the front.


  1. both very well done, it is ages since I did smocking and have never used a machine

  2. Thanks Margaret. My first smocking but its lovely to do it whilst watching the TV. Check out the calendar and come and visit. BY the way Bolton are Hosting NWRDay on 23rd April, Haigh Hall.£25.00 Want to come?