Monday, June 20, 2016

Out and about Gawthorpe.

I had Friday to recover then on Saturday I went to Gawthorpe Hall. Patricia from Pendle branch had been asked to lead some demonstration stitch experiences. Three or four of us   arrived early and set up the Library in anticipation of visitors. Jenny had produced frames, fabric threads etc and Patricia had made some wonderful stitch samples. we did not have long to wait. I think I began with a lovely young girl Bea, who was left handed. She chose really bright coloured yarn but they were so thick , they were so   hard to thread. I kept teasing her but she was delightful. I don't think I lifted my head from the fabric, helping many visitors , of all ages male and female. {Sue took a photo of me before we started , nice in itself but does not tell the whole story!!!}
 A quick break for a snack and we continued. I was suddenly aware that Jenny was putting bits together and I looked at my watch, to see that it was after 4.00pm and we should have finished. my visitor was still keen to try another stitch , fly, French knots, bullions, Cretan, she tried them all. I do believe she will go home, buy a stitch book and learn some more.
I wish I could have spent more time actually absorbing the atmosphere. We were working in The Library , brimming full of Miss Rachaels personal collection. at least two walls were floor to ceiling crammed with textile books. my very short lunch break was upstairs in the private rooms, this time the flat in which Miss R actually lived. Quite an honour.

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