Monday, June 20, 2016

Out and about , Macclesfield

 Two days later, Thursday, and  at about 11.00am I was off to Macclesfield.  Not a bad journey, I had left extra time for delays and I found the church very easily. I was a bit apprehensive as I had to set up my laptop and projector for the first time. Luckily members were busy paying for their annual trip, voting for their Rose bowl and other activities. Hilary welcomed the members and gave out her notices with a special note of encouragement for the CBP. She made a plea that I have heard so often, for members to join the committee. I endorsed her comments and again repeat it, if you want a branch, it can only survive with a committee and if you have yet to serve then now is your chance.
I then gave the Collection talk. It is quite an eclectic mix of pieces but was very well received. Macclesfield Branch is 25 this year so some members go back a long way and some of my facts would be a trip down memory lane , but the" history" would be new to our more recent members. I must thank the members there for their many kind words and compliments. It does make this job more rewarding.
I was then asked to present the Rose Bowl to the worthy winner. Well done. I left as soon as feasibly possible but got caught up in one of the worst storms that I have ever experienced. My windscreen washers could not keep the screen clear, thunder and lightening made me remember my school science and the Faraday cage effect ,and I was so pleased to be home just before 5.00pm and felt a G and T was a worthy reward!!!

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