Thursday, September 15, 2016

Events City

Its a couple of years since I have been to Events City at Trafford Park. However with two free tickets, I thought I should make an effort. I picked Judith up and we battled the motorway traffic and arrived just as it opened. As usual we split up and arranged to meet for lunch. Another "as usual" was that there was nothing that I needed to buy but would no doubt spend money. I had a saunter all around before homing in on certain stalls and exhibitions. I spent some time at the Images of Brazil competition and "as usual" was not surprised to see a piece there by our member, John Clarke. Watching the Olympics brought back wonderful memories of my time there a couple of years ago , so I dont know why I didn't make an effort to compete. However when I saw the winning piece I realised just why!!!!
A better map than I could draw

I love humming birds

The Winning piece, stunning!!!!

Johns piece, and details. Well Done !!!!

I spent much of my time chattering to friends from Chelford, Rochdale , Parbold and Bolton plus tutors that I knew. Above is a sample by Wendy Cotterill. I did a short class with her at the National AGM. We have taken her details as a possible summer school tutor.
On a final note, an hour before we were to leave ,I had bought nothing so decided to invest in a few beads and 10 rolls of sellotape.

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