Sunday, November 27, 2016

Out and about.Harrogate

It was an early start yesterday, a group of us travelled to Harrogate to visit the Knitting and Stitching Show. It was very cold and crisp but the frost could only enhance the magnificent landscape and stunning seed heads. I wanted to stop the coach and take photos....
Once at the Show it was tempting to look around first but my main reason to visit was to see White Walker before it became too busy. WOW he is amazing. Huge, powerful and very scary. I took lots of photos but must apologise as they do not do him justice.

The inspiration is from a TV programme, Game of Thrones, and seeing him reminds me of why I do not like fantasy!!!! I could have nightmares for ages.
The Show was even bigger and better this year, and the Embroiderers Guild had a massive space at the far end. I had a chat to Anthea first then so many trustees and members from HQ. There was an excellent exhibition, including pieces from the Capability Brown project. The worlds longest embroidery was spread out over about 5 tables ready for members of the public to add their names etc. Phil told me that he did add a flower. There are several sections of this work{ we had one up at Lancaster} and I have stitched several times but yet to see my name again!!! I was proud to be in this area and acknowledge that HQ and trustees have worked really hard to put together such an impressive show
I then spent quite a long time chatting to our 2 presidents Jean and Jan. They had a special exhibition, representing 25 years . Seeing their current work was a privilege but looking at pieces that were in the books I owned made it even more special.
I did not go with a shopping list but did manage to buy a belated birthday gift book for me and 2 presies that my sister will buy me for Xmas. Also a few more beads to add to my statch!!!
The journey home was again, beautiful. There was a golden stripe of sunset on the horizon for about an hour. Janet and I discussed how it would make a wonderful embroidery but no one would believe the colour.

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  1. I too enjoyed the show but afraid spent too much money. We had the wonderful sunset on saturday too, lots of people trying to take photos from the bus, cars had stopped and were photoing too, unfortunately my photos were not good due to the bus moving