Friday, March 22, 2019

March meeting

Travel Inspired Stitch was the title of our March meeting. Perfect for me, two of my greatest loves and combined together too, Our speaker was a former EG graduate Laura Marriot who had travelled up from Derbyshire. Laura had been on two extended holidays /tours which had inspired her work, Southern Africa and SE Asia. I was in my element as each place that she mentioned brought back happy memories for me. I have so many pictures stored in my head but rarely have the skill to transfer them to fabric and thread. Laura experimented with wall art but decided that her skill and also a way to fund her work was through the medium of wearable jewellery.

The jewellery was all very brightly coloured and reminded me of the Hindu temples. She begins with a photo and then incredible black and white drawings. However her skill is then taken into our 21st century where she combines /cuts up images on her laptop. Not something possible for someone like me.Laura is however coming to a workday on 25th May and we will be able to learn more about her process and hopefully take away a completed brooch.

Our meeting started with congratulations from Brenda on the production of birds but said that more are required. She also mentioned her other challenge begun at the Jacobs Feast to stitch a small piece of fabric 
I took along my completed piece from the last evening speaker, Liz Almond and then three pin cushions that I had made based on an idea of Kathryn at Pendle Branch.

Vivienne then showed two rabbits that she had just completed. They were fully dressed , including undies and had great personality. Im sure they will be well received gifts, not not really to be played with.

Embroiderers’ Guild – Bolton Branch      March 2019
Our next workshop is this Saturday, March 23 with Liz Cooksey, who came to our May 2017 meeting.  You should   have received an email telling you what items it is suggested you bring to the workshop.
In May we have a workshop with Laura Marriott who is our speaker tonight.  Please add your name to the list if you wish to attend her workshop.
The EG national AGM is in Newcastle-upon-Tyne on 6 April.  Details and booking form are on the Guild  website.
Contact Magazine.  You should have received an email from Pat Tempest at EG HQ announcing that a monthly edition of the Magazine will now be emailed to all members containing more information about the Guild’s activities nationwide. It will be also available on the Guild website.  Only an Annual Review of the Guild will be printed each year.
The subject for the Rosebowl competition for NW region next year is “Twist it, Turn it”.  There will be a joint regional day/AGM for 2019 on 28 September at the Crofters Hotel in Garstang.


Glossop branch are having an exhibition at Chatsworth until 22nd April, see the poster on the noticeboard.

Rochdale branch are having an exhibition at The Coach House, Lodge St, Littleborough OL15 9AE from 6 April to 5 May.  Open daily 11-4pm.

Ten Plus have an exhibition “Beneath the Layers” at Warrington Museum and Gallery, WA1 1JB until 23 March.

Whitworth Gallery, Manchester until November 2019. – an exhibition of textiles from the Islamic world “Four Corners of One Cloth”.

There are a number of exhibitions this year at Gawthorpe Hall to mark the 60th anniversary of Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth establishing her unique textile collection as a trust.  Information on the noticeboard.

If you hear of any exhibitions or events that you think may be of interest to us, please tell Sheelagh. 

Our Bolton blog:  
We now have Facebook pages for Bolton and NW Region. Please ‘like us’ to help publicise the Guild
and our activities.

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