Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday day school

Yesterday was quite a change for our Branch. We decided to hold a different sort of day school. Members were asked to bring their own copy of  Stitch and we worked a treasure casket designed by Janet Humphrey. Her instructions were very clear so we did not need a teacher. Ann provided some card templates and Vilene. At home we had had time to plan what we wanted to do, so many of us had decided our colour palate. We began by painting our Vilene and then the fun bit, finding suitable lace bits to embellish  001002

our caskets. Apart from me, everyone used their sewing machine to attach these pieces. {I decided to hand stitch instead.}We had a break for lunch, pizza, salad and pavlova and time for quite a chat.


I planned to use the marbled fabric that I had made at a former day school to line my casket. This meant that I moved away from my usual pink colour scheme. I also included some of the pieces of friendly plastic from another day school.



We had the usual ending to our class where we all displayed our work and discussed what would happen at the next class on Saturday, 26 June and all that was left was the tidying up.   All this for £5.00. Places available for part 2.


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