Sunday, November 11, 2012

November Day School.

Yesterday, we had a sell out day school. Lizzie Wall  had given a talk earlier in the year and followed it up with a day school. We had chosen to make a Spring Tree, using a basic kit provided by Lizzie. I assumed the colour green but almost inevitably, my tree turned pink, even though Jackie kept thrusting orange fabric at me!!!

The morning was quite relaxed. Most of the time we were cutting bonded fabric and applying it in layers to the backing fabric of our choice. We did not have to concentrate TOO much so were able to catch up on gossip. Ann even managed to send a text message to us as she is still confined to a bed.

A  lovely lunch was provided again and then i was ready to start machining,002


Lizzie provided individual guidance as to choice of fabric  and gave demonstrations on the sewing machine.

007As always we finished with a quick show and tell and again, as always, I am amazed how we all take the same idea but move it into different directions. We are all intending to finish our trees and will bring them to an evening to show and inspire the rest of our members.012013014

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