Friday, May 31, 2013

Play day, May 13

As i mentioned in the earlier Blog, I returned from Jordan but my journey was horrendous. I left at 8.00am and arrived home , 11.50 but my body said 2.00 in the morning. After making peace with my cat, I left the case unopened on the floor and went to bed.I was up early {due to time zones} but couldn't get my head around the Play Day. I alerted Barbara and said I would be late.I had packed everything before my trip so arrived about an hour late.They were all busy. I stayed for lunch and caught up on gossip but could only think of my unopened suitcase and the fact that we had a wonderful drying day. I left early.001002003004005006

Just to prove that I am always thinking about the Guild, a couple of Jordanian snaps., below.226


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