Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 2013 meeting

Katie Chaplin came to talk to us last night. She brought along a very interesting shop and more important, her “friend” Dolly.

001002Katie is fascinated by Japanese culture and visits at least twice a year. She has amassed quite a collection of traditional costumes and Dolly was there to model a Kimono.003Arriving in her undergarment, she soon wore a basic kimono . I would have been pleased to wear this, but it is only an undergarment. Katie explained how a typical Japanese woman would have a straight up and down figure and any minor  curves could be concealed with pads and careful folding of fabric. I was amazed how many thin belts of fabric that were tied around her body.

Next the obi.You can see how long it is , below.006I will not spoil the story with all the details but finally we have Dolly dresses in a ceremonial Kimono.011I kept thinking of the geishas that I had seen in Japan and am amazed how they cope. I am also keen to re read the “Memoires of a Geisha” and re watch the video. Thank you  Katie for a very entertaining evening.

Reminder that we have a visit to the Museum collection on Thursday afternoon. Next . and last of the season meeting it the EGM and meal. Have you thought about joining the committee yet? There are vacancies to be filled.

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