Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AGM Garstang

6 of us from Bolton, attended the NW Region AGM last Saturday. I had to set up the pieces for the Broderers’ Cup. I should have counted but there were 2 tables full , exquisite work produced by Rochdale members.018A few pieces are here. Voting took place before the start of the meeting and at the end Christine Poole our national chair was delighted to present the cup a certificate and token to Joyce Burgh.041The room was really full, due to an excellent turnout of members and a number of exhibitions.The dreaded ties,,,well I was amazed with the ingenuity of members.It seemed like hundreds of pieces. We had to pack them so closely  as we were short of room, my photos will not do them justice.003

006008009There were also exhibitions of C and G, YE and Summer school.They are here on disk if you would like to see.

The AGM itself went well. The NW region seems to be thriving. Christine gave a report on behalf of the Trustees. We then had time for questions. Diplomatically, I must say that there were many questions posed that could not be answered by Christine. The members have charged Monica to put them to the trustees and we await their responses. I have yet to write up the Minutes from this meeting and am finding as many excuses as possible to delay.Watch this space.

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