Friday, October 11, 2013

September AGM

Como es ? or something like this. I have just arrived back from a week on Gran Canaria with Josie and my Mum, which might excuse the delay in putting my report together. Secondly, I forgot my camera and had to sak Ann to send snaps from her mobile.

Well we had a busy AGM. As voted at out EGM, Clare has managed to organise a full committee this year. She gave a report about her first year as Chair and we had the usual Agenda of items.

We then had to choose our favourite piece for Mollys Cup. This year the technique was Metal Thread. There were quite a number of entries and this year we were given five pennies to distribute as we wished.I1379960801I1379960591I1379960846

Clare was delighted to present the winner

I1379961646secondI1379960698and third I1379960754We then tried an activity that I called Stitch Consequences, where each member was given a piece of fabric and threads. She then had 10 minutes to fill 1/6 of the fabric with a specific stitch. It was then passed on and another section filled with a second stitch and so on. These samples could then be applied to a book cover or needle case. I made two and gave them to Barbara to put under of Xmas Tree. Dont forget ant final decorations must be brought to our October meeting,

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