Friday, October 11, 2013

Hardwick Hall Visit

On Saturday 21st September, Clare had organised a coach to Take us to Hardwick Hall. I had been with the Guild many many years before but decided to go again. How I have moved on, first visit and I didnt really appreciate the Tapestries but this time Mary and I held long discussions about almost each and every one. We even taught a guide the term slip.007The Hall is amazing and Bess must have been an amazing woman.I took loads of photos so will just included a taster. I have more if anyone wants to see/copy.014019015030036033

Mary and I spent ages studying this last piece of Queen Elizabeth 1st. Im sorry that this snap does not do it justice. The detailed embroidery on the dress , the lace, the beading…oh it was amazing. We were so lucky to see it as it was on the way to the National Portrait Gallery. It was a great visit, glorious weather, and good companionship. I look forward to the next.

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