Sunday, August 10, 2014

Out and About, Urmston

Sandra and Cathy celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the YE with an exhibition held at Urmston Library. They opened last Saturday , so I was unable to attend. They were very busy,holding demos in an adjoining room. another day Cathy lead a Shibori workshop. I went to offer my support on Friday.  As the library was very close to the train station I decided to use my “bus pass”. Not a good idea as it took three train journeys in over crowded coaches. I had to stand from Bolton to Deansgate , not good and one and a half hours too.

A short walk and I met Sandra, busily stitching Boutis. She made me a drink and we began to welcome visitors.There was a good range of exhibits, considering that there are only 3 branches in our area.I was able to call on Sarah , Johns granddaughter to provide some wonderful pieces.DSCF4951DSCF4952DSCF4953I am still amazed that Sarah made the wooden part to the clogs as well as the rest of them. Above you can see her 6 exhibits.

We were not inundated with visitors but enough to prevent us actually stitching. A quick sandwich and then Cathy joined us for the afternoon. Two little boys were utterly charming and loved the clogs. Their father had read the story of the Oufle Oufle Bird to them and they were transfixed.DSCF4955As they left the older son came and gave me a big hug. The younger one saw this and so ran to do the same. Totally unexpected and almost made the journey worth while!!!!

I realised that I had a long journey home so just before 6.00pm we packed up. I managed to squeeze all Sarahs work into my suitcase and rolled it off to the station. The return was worse. I stood from Deansgate to Bromley Cross, three trains and 2 hours.I would have asked for my money back if that was possible.However, the day was very good, the work excellent and many of the visitors making complimentary comments.

Well done YE.

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