Friday, October 24, 2014

Pearl exhibition

It was not possible for Monica and I to attend the exhibition together until last Thursday, when we combined it with the exchange of Chairs stuff and lunch.

Monica was delighted with the variety and quality of our work. I met Matthew who had been unable to count the visitor votes so I asked Monica to help me. I was delighted how many people had made the effort to vote. There was no doubt of the winner who had a massive majority of the votes. I hope she does not read this tonight as we are together tomorrow to steward for the last time.DSCF5215You can see Monica pointing to the winning piece, by Ann Heather. Congratulations.

Thank you to everyone who submitted work, helped to steward or came to visit. We have two visitor comment books that are totally full.


  1. looks like a greet exhibition, any chance of close up photos of some of the work for those of us who could not go to the exhibition please?

  2. THANKS for your interest and comment.If you click on the photos that I have just added, they will become larger. Mine are just a flavour as John has given us a photo album of all the pieces.There is another reference in August when the exhib opened.Val