Monday, October 27, 2014

Pearl Exhibition Part 2

Ann and I arrived at the Art Gallery today to bag each of the items. We very much appreciated that each work was named and had a suitably named bag for transport. Apologies if the bubble wrap was missing,  we became a little confused as time went on.Several members of staff called to see us and as always they were SO complimentary about our work. I'm sure we will get another slot!!!!

On Saturday I had not told Ann of her winning piece so had to point her in that direction .She was delighted. I persuaded her to keep the plaque.Pearl exhib 2014 015

I will now add a few photos to remind us of the event. Unfortunately those in cases did not photograph too well but we do have Johns book.Pearl exhib 2014 001Pearl exhib 2014 002Pearl exhib 2014 003Pearl exhib 2014 004Pearl exhib 2014 005Pearl exhib 2014 006Pearl exhib 2014 007Pearl exhib 2014 008Pearl exhib 2014 009Pearl exhib 2014 010Pearl exhib 2014 011Pearl exhib 2014 012Pearl exhib 2014 013I have two visitor comments books and will make a few notes of comments made.


  1. good to see such variety and able to click ion the photos to enlarge them. Love the Time is too slow I saw this at the Harrogate quilt show and fell for it then beautiful.

  2. Thank you again Margaret. Jackie is an exquisite Quilter and has won many prizes. Glad you recognised her work.Val

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