Thursday, April 16, 2015

Out and about ,Padiham

Monday, I went along to Padiham again. The speaker was Gina smith and her topic was Journeys with a needle. An interesting title and I was soon totally absorbed. She explained that  is an artist who stitches and i can see what she means, She had wonderful photographs and drawings of holidays , many of  those places , I had visited. She moved on to architecture especially cathedrals and churches and finished with sheep. What a journey, I loved it.001

My favourite piece was a place still on my list to visit , the Namib desert. The colours were amazing.

002 Many of her pieces had sold so we had to “make do” with a small display of her stunning work.


Travelling quite a lot, my head is full of pictures that I want to create and Gina has spurred me on.

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