Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Out and about Preston

On Saturday, I visited Preston Branch . I had been invited to their Diamond celebrations. What a lovely day, members were sitting and reminiscing,stitching stewarding the exhibitions and generally having a great time. DSCF6149DSCF6151My journey took longer than expected so had less time to study the exhibitions than I would have liked but I did spend time talking to old friends. It was lovely to see and chat to Betty and husband, I haven't seen them for ages. Members of the public left and then a huge spread of food appeared. Having a heavy cold I had not expected to want much but  starting at one end and was tempted by so much that my plate was soon full.DSCF6155WE then saw a very pretty cake which Dea and Sandie cut up and distributed.DSCF6159DSCF6163Speeches were given and just to prove what a friendly and considerate group they are, flowers were presented to a member who will be 90 next week.DSCF6161Thank you Preston Branch for allowing me to be part of your celebrations.

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