Thursday, July 9, 2015

Out and about, Padiham

It was the last meeting of the year on Monday. As usual we held our Strawberry tea. Thank you to the committee for their organisation. Kathryn and  Joan then provided quizzes to tax our skills.  One was Dingbats , another about quotations from films and the third was about food outlet logos. Some members were quite competitive but those sitting with me were happy to help each other so we didnt win!!! The competition, under the see was well supported and Meg our area “ rep who was visiting for the day, presented the Bell Trophy. 001002003005008

A reminder that we meet at a new venue in September and for longer…you can arrive in the morning . Also our first meeting will have a Jacobs Feast so hope you picked up a suggestion of what to bring. Finally, Diane instigated the Chairmans Challenge bringing along photos based on Gawthorpe Hall. Several members have shown interest so Padiham will have 2 pages reserved for them.

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