Thursday, October 22, 2015

October Workshop

We had all been looking forward to our next workday with Alysn Midgelow Marsden. Well I had until I saw the requirements list!!!It was certainly comprehensive but as always there were bits that I would have liked to have brought along , but didn't.

My camera battery had died and I had to make do with my phone to record the day. a word of warning for those with computers….Windows 10 seems to be fine except it will not support my 4 year old camera or phone. I have a card reader for the camera but am still struggling with my phone. The photos are still there so apologies.

Alysn was extremely well organised and had three challenges for us. We had chosen a metal workshop so after the usual demo we began by weaving into copper shim. Actually we painted and/or embellished it first and then wove away. here is my piece although I plan to work further  into it and add lots of beads{left at home on Saturday}

DSCF7656We then progressed and layered varies sheers and metals, outlined in stitch and then cut through.

DSCF7661Our final task was to use sweet papers. I didn't bring any so tried the same technique with transfer foils. It seemed to work OK.

DSCF7663 We set out with the idea of including all three pieces into one finished but as usual I couldn't ignore the colour pink so added it to the foils. This would have been fine if I then added some pink beads to the metal but it just didn't seem right.

I came home and worked lots of beads{copper} into my metal piece and then backed it alone, onto velvet. I'm quite happy with the result. I will incorporate the other pieces into other pieces at a later date.

DSCF7660 I must apologies to all my fellow stitchers on Saturday that I only have these photos, taken at home. IF /when I can send the others on my phone I will add far more exciting pieces. our next play day on Nov 14th will be developing these techniques. Sadly I have a NWR committee meeting here all day. We hope to have all pieces finished by our Xmas meeting when I will sent photos to Alysn as promised.

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