Friday, November 6, 2015

Out and about, Padiham

What a busy few days, On Monday I missed Aqua to visit Padiham, my other branch. It had recently moved location and now opened at 12.00 for an informal chat, sew and lunch. I had a few things to sort and then sat down to hear Sue Bartlett. Poor Sue was feeling awful and her throat was really sore but she battled on. She had brought an amazing number of hand made books and gave us an insight as to how they were made. Better still. she started to pass them around and all we wanted to do was to study their formation and examine the lovely covers. I remembered that our Xmas competition is to be  a book cover so perhaps we found some inspiration.DSCF7703DSCF7704DSCF7705DSCF7706DSCF7707DSCF7708DSCF7709DSCF7710DSCF7711When you study these photos you will see the amazing range of work and Kathryn tells me that she makes quilts as well!!!!!

This is my last visit to Padiham, no we are not folding but are changing our name. We will now be known as Pendle EG but at this moment will keep the same blog name and address.

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