Friday, November 13, 2015

Out and about Rossendale.

Joan from Padiham , sorry Pendle branch recommended this exhibition to me. Textile 21 were exhibiting at the Whitaker in Rossendale. The title was Created in colour and I was interested because the advert was full of colourful voiles. It was an awful day today but Barbara was happy to drive the 30 mins to the venue and we warmed up with cappuccinos in the newly appointed cafe.The exhibition is upstairs but there is a lift. I wont spoil the drama by explaining how many of the pieces were displayed but it was very effective. Many of the pieces were delicate and exquisitely stitched. We chatted about each and every one and then decided to have another tour around again and saw things that we had missed on first examination. Of course by now it was lunchtime so we both chose from a limited but lovely menu. Barbara was really shocked when I said that I fancied a piece of carrot cake. It oozed fruit and she said it was the best that she had tasted in years. On the way home Barbara said that she was so inspired that she wanted to get home and stitch straight away. So we would recommend it to you. Its on until 6th December but do go on line and check opening times.





  1. this looks interesting and would love to pop over to Rawtenstall once again so wish I had never moved to Leeds. Will check it out and trains etc, quite a hike as have to get 2 buses and a train but maybe will meet u with a frind I have not seen for 8 years whilst there

  2. if you dont make it let me know and i will sed you a few more photos, val

  3. if you dont make it let me know and i will sed you a few more photos, val