Monday, December 21, 2015

December Christmas party

Our meeting began with a show and tell. Phil displayed his recent kit, a glass bauble encrusted in jewels, very pretty.

Pauline brought along a piece that she had started at the NWR AGM. It was based on circles but finished however the embroiderer wished.She reminded everyone about what a good day it had been.

Barbara then led the meeting, handing out pre prepared packs and we were able to stitch a hedgehog. Whilst we were doing this, the committee had prepared an excellent buffet for us to share.

Our competition this year was called Snowman. There were quite a few entries. The pink boxes are used to collect how many pennies you wish to put in  for each piece.

Some of us remembered to bring along our metal workshop[ pieces.

and finally,
the pennies were counted and the winner this year was announced, my friend Barbara.

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