Saturday, April 9, 2016

Out and about, Pendle

Good Friday was a very spring like day so I decided to drive over to the Higham Village festival. Our branch, Pendle had been invited to put up an exhibition. New to the area, we felt it would be an important venture and I have since learned that we have gained members through it. I cant emphasise enough how getting out into the environs gives publicity and a chance to show what we do. I had forgotten my camera so took just a few shorts on my phone.

You can spot Sue, Joan and Patricia amongst a very wide ranging and well stitched exhibition.
Our April speaker was unfortunately not available so I was asked to step in at the last moment. Days before, I had met with seven other members to swap ideas about The Collection talk. So I really had to get my act together. A few hours getting to know the content and personalizing the information, I arrived. Unfortunately we had a technical hitch with the technology and about 30 members squashed around my laptop. It certainly did not do justice to the photos but members were very kind to me and said that they enjoyed the information that I was able to give them. I have been asked back to do the talk again.

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