Monday, December 23, 2019

December meeting

I forgot my camera for this meeting. I had been to Aqua then hosted lunch for 19 aqua friends in a local pub, which was excellent. home for a short time then out to Horwich. I remembered my cards and sewing stuff, but no camera.
We had a very festive evening. Marian was able to share some good news that she had been offered a book contract. I  passed around a very positive and friendly letter that I had just received from Dorothy.
 Carol had materials ready for us to stitch a star and then we had excellent food, prepared by the committee. Pauline sent me her finished piece which was not a star , it was a snowflake. I cant have been listening again!!!! Below are our attempts.

There were only 5 pieces for the competition and I will need to borrow the photos from Brenda  to publish later.

Brenda displayed the group piece based on a vase of flowers. There were still large gaps where kits were taken but not yet returned. She said that if any kits had been "lost" then she could make a duplicate. I took another one home as it was almost black with just a small petal. I have started the black in Bukhara couching which should grow quite quickly.
Our next meeting is advertised on the programme as the Jacobs Feast but I think the date might be 18 and not 19th. This is followed by our Tues meeting on 21st. So organise your food contribution, find your flower piece but most of all,