Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Travelling Exhibition

Yesterday, Barbara , Ann and I set off for Barton Grange ,Garstang to help steward an exhibition. This had been organised at HQ and it is planned that it travels around the country. The North West was the first region to accept this challenge. I was really impressed by the quality and variety of work to be seen. I believe there were 75 pieces, some by famous embroiderers and others were nameless. The pieces had been selected from our Collection and illustrated the history of embroidery. There was a table of “Must Haves” to tempt the pocket, magazines on display and it well illustrated the role of our Guild. I spent a short time looking through the visitors book and was amazed to see the distances that members had travelled and the positive comments made .One criticism made was that it was a shame that it was not open to the public   I do have some agreement with this sentiment but I believe that this exhibition was a gesture from HQ to give something  back to members and make being a member of our Guild a special thing. We were asked not to photograph and publish on the web so I have included three photos of our stewarding skills.


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