Monday, September 24, 2012

Out and about,Garstang

Judith and I went up to Barton Grange at Garstang on Saturday. We went to see the Preston Guild exhibition, based appropriately on flowers. There was a wide range of work, showing a multitude of techniques. Several members were both demonstrating and stewarding.


We also had a” sneak preview” of our  November workshop as lizzie wall had displayed some of her trees. She also visits us in October.001

Co. incidentally Jackie Cardy will be with us in March and here is one of  her pieces..013 We look  forward to their visits and a closer examination of their work.

Finally We were really impressed with the piece created by many members of the group.016

A huge picture had been cut up and members were allocated a square each. They used their favourite technique and then the returned pieces were rejoined,but in a differing pattern. Can we do this, Bolton? Do call in and have a look if you have a spare couple of hours.

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  1. Hi Val Its a bit late for me to tell you this but the trees on display were made by Preston members after a Lizzie Wall workshop.