Monday, September 3, 2012

Out and about,Padiham

I attended the AGM at Padiham today. Mona the Chair and Kathryn the treasurer had resigned so we welcome Nan as Chair and Wendy as treasurer. We thanked and presented the retiring officers with flowers and wish the incumbents well.2216

empress Mill had set up an amazing range of products for us. Christine explained how various threads were made and could be used.2217The photo is a bit blurred as she never stands still!!!!

2218Charles demonstrated the crash technique and William accepted money for sales.22102211221222132214I went to a craft fair at GMex last Saturday with Ann Barbara and Judith, spent a fortune but still found things I wanted from the stall today. There is a much bigger range at their shop in Colne and on line and they will be visiting Bolton later this year.

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  1. Think I saw you there. Where we chatting about Barbara Jepson. If so it was lovely to meet you.
    Lynn Holland