Sunday, April 28, 2013

Out and about ,Regional day

Barbara and I decided to really enjoy regional day this year by travelling up the night before. The day, hosted by Kirby Lonsdale branch was a perfect setting and the sun shone all day. On Saturday we met up with Clare and Ann, and Marion Simm who as you know has just moved up there. I had little time to chat as I seemed to have lots of little jobs to perform. The person in charge of the competitions was extremely efficient and I had little to do there.001002Lunch was good. I had a chance to have a good chat to our afternoon speaker as a table and early lunch had been organised for those of us involved with the judging.019020Jacqui Carey was a really entertaining speaker.She told us about Elizabethan techniques and how they transferred to current ways, Her close up  photographs were beautiful. A fascinating talk. Presentation of competition prizes then followed and I did a slightly better job of it than last year!!!!022I wont spoil branch meetings by giving all the names but we in Bolton need to applaud Barbara who was awarded the third prize, a certificate and book token, for her King Cotton piece. Our speaker presented the gift to Barbara ,above.031Ann the chair of Kirby Lonsdale then sent us on our way with her good wishes and I'm sure she was looking to a large drink and put her feet up.

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