Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November meeting

I had no idea what to expect from this meeting. It was presented by Nawal Gebreel and called Talking Textiles. However it was a delight. Nawal displayed some of her work but it came to life later!!!022023She gave a PowerPoint presentation, explaining how she had progressed from designing for fashion houses to setting up her own business. How she began with painting and mixed media , moving on to discharge on velvet and how she has succeeded with these scarves. well to call them scarves is really an insult as they are individual works of art. She sells them throughout the world. Nawal asked for a volunteer and so Brenda had the honour of trying on many of these creations.012011019Apart from the beautiful fabric and amazing “creases”, the scarves could be tied in such imaginative ways. Do contact Nawal for further information

Breaking news….. the Christmas tree bid is now £175.00

Tickets for Jan and Jeans talk and workshop selling quickly. Bolton members have the next meeting to purchase before being opened up to the NW branches.

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