Sunday, November 10, 2013

November day school.

Lucinda Allwood lead our workshop yesterday, “Beaded FFaerie Slippers.”

I was delighted that we only needed to take a hoop and beading needle as I am up to my eyes in competition pieces for Christmas. Lucy had kindly assembled kits for us to use. I just wish I had planned ahead and taken my beading mat as I kept scattering my beads across the table.019013Above is the sample that we could aim for. Underneath, a quick photo of Lucy as she never stood or sat still!!!

Lunch was again a delight, thank you Brenda and Judith and we had an added celebration as Its Barbara s birthday today. Ann placed candles on the cake and we sang to her. Doesn't she look bashful in the corner?015We were also delighted to see the new kitchen installed at Bank Top. Well done to all the fundraisers and workers.

Finally we were given instructions as to how to assemble our slipper [I say slipper as my fairy is likely to be one legged!!!}and then had our show and tell. i look forward to seeing many pairs of slippers very soon.025026

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