Monday, April 7, 2014

National AGM April 2014

Barbara and I drove down to Wyboston Lakes to attend the national AGM on Thursday. It was a pleasant journey and we arrived quite refreshed.  Checked in and had a cup of coffee before we hit the shops for the first time.

I really enjoy the AGM weekend as there is so much to do and so many friends to meet. My only problem was in choosing which workshops and mini talks to attend. Thursday is without plans.We had booked the full package so a lovely evening meal was included.

In between activities, there was also lots to see.A room  full of  work from the CollectionDSCF4476

and others like a YE exhibitionDSCF4474and the Distance learning courseDSCF4475

Two boards held the chosen few from the Tree Rhythm competition and the best  were shown on a loop screen throughout the weekend. I believe that next years competition is called All the glistens so get your ideas together.There were 129 entries this year.DSCF4477DSCF4478On Friday i had chosen to attend a workshop lead by Lindsay Taylor below,modelling one of her creations.DSCF4454We were to make a for mores simple brooch, group results below.DSCF4458

After lunch Gill and Richard Riordan showed and helped us to make a pendant.DSCF4460No finished photos but i will be wearing mine soon.

I then went to a talk by Annette mms who coincidentally I had sat with at dinner the night before.She managed to handle a huge number of Welsh place names as she described her inspiration for work.DSCF4466DSCF4467Loved it!!!!

Saturday morning was the formal AGM. some members attend only his but we were all greeted with our AGM bags and packages by Jan Jardine.We all know her from HQ but might not be able to put a face to the name. Now you can….DSCF4470As always it was a packed agenda with many people contributing. I have made some notes and need to rationalise them but will make a short report at our meeting. I look forward to reading the more accurate Minutes.

I went to another workshop in the afternoon and even though I feel that I am a patient person, I was really challenged!!!!Sally McCollin  demonstrated how easy it e=was to make a Celtic knot brooch….NOT …. sorry for the pun. I unpicked mine twice before I cam away with a very sad attempt. It will be worn and I will have another go  but what a challenge.DSCF4479DSCF4480Those above are not  my attempts. A double espresso later I was ready for my last talk. Again I have no photos as Helen McCook spoke about embroidery and embellishment in fashion. She was not able to bring along the exquisite work by Dior et al. But we were able to drool over her slides.

Time to tidy up , smarten up and attend the reception and Gala dinner. Another delightful evening an entertaining talk  and we were ready for bed,

A trip was organised for Sunday but Barbara and I knew we faced a long journey home so declined. A leisurely breakfast and then lingering goodbyes and promises to meet again next year.

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