Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Out and about, Gawthorpe and more….

Our secretary , Brenda sent some photos and an explanation of a recent visit. It does look stunning.rather than paraphrasing Brenda's notes to me I have just copied them. Hope this is Ok Brenda.

Just to let you know that I really enjoyed meeting and seeing the work of Bella May Leonard at the Gawthorpe opening event on the 29th March. A young recently qualified textile artist Bella spoke about her work and answered questions at this event. Her work is very innovative and explored the structure of stitches used in the Gawthorpe collection of baby bonnets, which she then developed in a very unique way incorporating many different threads and household cables etc. into a very precise design laser cut into acrylic sheet. Quite amazing. Then yesterday I went to the craft centre in Manchester where she has some more of her work displayed upstairs. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of her work, so try to see it for yourself.

One of the questions I asked Bella was, which contemporary artists had inspired her and she told me about Joana Vasconcelos a portugese internationally regarded textile artists whose exhibition "Time Machine" is showing at Manchester Art Gallery until . Well  we just had to go and see it didn't we! So yesterday Lynn and I found ourselves in Manchester Art Gallery absolutely gob smacked by the installations all around the gallery. It is phenominal the scale and vibrancy of her work just grabs you! It really is a must.

I've included some of Lyn's photos of her work to give you a flavour but you need to see it to appreciate the enormity of the project. I have also bought the catalogue of the exhibition for Bolton branch library so that those who can't get to see it for themselves can get an impression of the work.

mcart gallery 1photo 1mcart galleryphoto 2Gawthorpe exhibition on until 1st June. I will certainly try to make visits, Thanks Brenda.

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