Friday, June 5, 2015

Astley Bridge Tapestry.

A few months ago, a friend asked me to meet a group of stitchers and offer my support. I have since visited a number of times and brought along Brenda B and Vivienne from our branch as “experts” . The work is not actually a tapestry but applique, made into five banners, representing five local churches.The pieces are local photos, transferred onto fabric and embellished with stitch. on Wednesday we met with the aim of assembling and machining all the banners. There were delays but Christine is sure they will be ready in time for the Astley Bridge weekend  on 11/2 July.DSCF6457DSCF6458DSCF6459DSCF6460DSCF6461DSCF6462DSCF6463DSCF6464DSCF6465

Vivienne taught me how to modify tassels and reapply them onto chord, so I seemed to inherit this job. I have 10 tassels to play with and again it is quite tedious but I am sure they will finally look good.DSCF6468You will see them on display over the weekend in July. I will put up a small exhibition and chat to visitors at our day school venue, Bank Top Church. Come and say hello.

Whilst thinking about it, next weekend I will be at Follow the Thread , a n excellent festival of crafts at Helmshore Mill. Three years ago, i went along as a visitor, last year put up an exhibition and this year will do similar and demonstrate simple stitching. Love to see you there too. I will post some pictures after the event.

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  1. what a great project to be involved with. Helmshore sounds interesting, maybe I will get over but it is a 3 bus and one train each way will it be worth all the travelling?