Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lost and now found,our 25th celebration meal archive for Jan 2010

Our celebrations began with a very successful exhibition at Rivington Art Gallery.Even though the gallery is in the centre of a country park and not on a bus route we estimate that we had over 500 visitors, during our 9 nine days of opening. perhaps you were one of our visitors? If so thank you for calling and you might like to know that the "Silver" competition,judged by the visitors was won by Jennie Whittle.

Our annual meal held at the beginning of July was extended to include former members and members of the NW regional committee.In the end there were about 40 of us able to attend.Barbara Demaine our first Chair helped me to cut a commemorative cake . Photo albums were passed around and finally everyone was given a pair of silver scissors bearing a 25th Anniversary ribbon. A lovely evening for everyone.
We have now begun a group piece based on the Open Market in Bolton.This necessitated visits to sketch and photograph the products.We plan a wall hanging depicting fruit and flowers,fish and vegetables etc.I am quite pleased with the rainbow trout that i have sewn.

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