Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Out and about,Cumbria

Carol announced a possible trip several weeks ago and of course I said yes. I did not know what to expect but was delighted when Carol and Brenda volunteered to drive. I seem to have been attached to my steering wheel of late!!!

We met at Horwich car park and set off for a journey of approx 2 hours into the Lake District.  The venue was the Wool Clip in Caldbeck,11 miles from junction 40 on the M6.

We were greeted by our host Cecelia and directed to the cafe.Refreshed we made our way into a quaint shop, absolutely stuffed with wool and wool related objects. I don't really knit so thought I would be less inclined but managed to spend £50.00.

Carol has planned that Cecelia demonstrate to us , so she began with a very odd spinning wheel and using two threads . spun that knobbly wool that all embroiderers covet. I was fascinated.

We went back upstairs where a table had been reserved for us and we had a delicious lunch. Again we made our way back to he shop and another demonstration, this time spinning using various hand held spinners{ I didn't learn the name , is it a spindle?}The yarns made  were stunning. Cecelia was patient and answered all of our questions . Upstairs, somewhere I have a spindle and really fancy giving it a go.

The shop is a co operative and I learned how the 11 craftswomen kept it going. They are also the instigators of Woolfest, held this year on 26/7 June. Photos are not normally allowed in the shop but we has special dispensation. Have a look, and tempt yourself. A lovely day out. Cecelia has a facebook contact where she says you need not join to watch

www.facebook.com/ceceliaandhandspunyarn  or at www.wovember.com


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