Friday, June 5, 2015

Out and about,Padiham

I have been exceptionally busy of late and on Sunday drove down to Nottingham and back ,to celebrate my Australian aunt and uncles 60th anniversary. The motorways were rough at I was driving for over six hours so I was quite tired on Monday. I missed my aqua class but drove across to Padiham.Thank goodness that I did.  The speaker was superb and I urge anyone reading this to book her. Her name is Karen Casper and the title of her talk was Fusing old with new.  There were problems with the electricity so we could not see the power DSCF6451DSCF6452DSCF6453DSCF6454DSCF6455DSCF6456point but she illustrated her talk with huge photos. Better still she had brought along several pieces of her work, including one based on a fairground,Miss Coral and a widows veil. They were stunning and the secret was that they were based on very old articles like a tablecloth. I believe up cycling is the new buzz word? Check out her site at Tulle and  To top it all, I won the Bronze/copper raffle.

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