Saturday, April 9, 2016

NWRD preparations and then "Structure"

I was awoken just after 5.00am this morning by the sound of my burglar alarm sounding. Always a nasty thing, it took me ages to doze off. I think it was a cat trying to get through the locked cat flap. So I was a little later at Bank Top than I had anticipated. A small number of Bolton members were very busy making the latest preparations for our NWR day in 2 weeks. Some members were pricing fabric, others listing the work for our personal exhibition and more were filling a spreadsheet with volunteers to assist on the day. The Guild banners were there and thoughts as to how to rope them up. Raffle prizes had been allocated and I understand each prize is worth about £30.00.I took along the sashes and the last of the stands that I had found in my very disorganised garage. I checked through the protocol sheets with Clare and left them to it. I believe we can squeeze in a few more members so if you don't yet have your ticket, be very quick!!!

I then went on into town. Bella May Leonard was my tutor last year at summer school. She has just returned from Mexico but in time to set up a stunning exhibition in the Neo Gallery , upstairs in the Market Place. The exhibition by 11 textile artists and embroiderers really pushes the boundaries but I was very relieved to see a large amount of fabric and thread as well as the mixed media to which we are all becoming more familiar. The exhibition "Structure" is on until the end of May and I would recommend that you visit. I will attach a few photos to whet your appetite.

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