Sunday, May 29, 2016

Out and about Merseyside

I picked Barbara up this morning and we set off for the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool. The Sat Nav took us right to a large carpark in the grounds of the Cathedral. We walked in and greeted the Merseyside members but decided to have lunch first. We sat outside, in the shade, eating a very pleasant lunch. We then moved inside and was warmly greeted by Vicky and members of Merseyside. They had erected an excellent exhibition to celebrate their 60th birthday and there was a really good footfall. Again there was a visitor vote and as we were leaving Barbara asked me which choice I had made and , guess what, we chose the same again!!!
We were both really impressed with the YE work. In Fact we asked who had done the faces and were quite surprised to hear they were done by the YE. I was also delighted to see the "Golden Fleece" having heard so much about it.
The exhibition is on for a week and well worth a visit. Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Merseyside.
The Golden Fleece

and the YE denim faces

 General views

Vicky at work

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