Thursday, May 19, 2016

Out and about ,Pendle

It seems to be non stop at the moment. After the weekend I was back over in Pendle. Out talk was  "The stories behind the Quaker Tapestry" I seem to have grown up with this piece of work. We have had at least two talks in Bolton, I saw parts of it at an exhibition years ago{ cant remember the place} and I went to a special exhibition in Blackburn Cathedral. So I thought that I knew most of the stories but how wrong was I. It really impresses me how each speaker adds her personal slant to the work. Today, there was a concentration on the stitches , but I also remember t my first talk where we all learned how to do the Quaker stitch. I must try to remember this as it makes a wonderful line for lettering. I was asked not to take photos of the slides as they do not do justice to the colours so could take only one or two of our speaker, telling us about a bag that she started years ago and only recently managed its completion...huuum a familiar tale!!

Finally I should remind you that the home of this amazing work is "just up the road" in the Kendal meeting House. Really worth a couple of hours and also a good tea room. Why not combine a visit with our newest NWR branch, Kendal who meet once a month at the same venue.

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