Monday, April 30, 2012


Margaret invited me to join her on Friday, a trip to the craft fair held at Aintree. It had been organised by her sewing club but it was good to see Jennie, Barbara and Audrey in attendance as well.

I like this venue and it was also good to be taken there by coach. I did not get the chance to attend any mini workshops as I wandered around, spending money and chatting to the many people there that I knew.

There was no HQ presence  but Merseyside did us proud with their exhibition and demonstrations. Each time I passed by , I saw that it was very busy.001002I spent some time with friends from Preston Threads and One Step On.006There were exhibits of costumes from Downton Abbey.007008 and one of our members, John had a piece exhibited in the Madeira Competition.003

Lunches were easily obtained and a reasonable price. My only hesitation is like many of these fairs, there is a massive amount of card making and associated crafts and very limited “pure embroidery”

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