Sunday, April 22, 2012

Out and about ,Blackpool.

I was delighted when Kathryn mentioned that Maggie Grey{and husband Clive} was coming to Blackpool Branch and that there were seats available. I instantly bought tickets for Barbara and myself.

Yesterday we drove over to the venue and had a splendid  time. Maggie is a vivacious woman who spoke with such o love of her subject. She shared many of her tips with us and introduced{ or reminded us} of all the new products and techniques.

There were superb photos and even some video to illustrate her talk and then we were all able to study and handle her work.

I will never forget her comment about solving a problem “with two knots and a limp piece of string”. You will have to hear her talk to know what this means!!!

009We were also delighted that Maggie had collected her latest book from the printers and so we were able to be some of the first to purchase one. Brenda, I have bought a copy for our Library too.

Maggie was generous enough to say that I could photograph any of her work for this bog, so enjoy…




She can be contacted at

Well done and thanks to Blackpool branch who also provided delightful home made tea and cakes . Finally and sadly once the talk was over, Christine Poole arrived , after visiting another of our branches at Rochdale. Must go now as I have two books to read.

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