Monday, June 2, 2014


Following a very interesting talk a few weeks ago,Sue Tyldesley was invited back to demonstrate in much greater detail, the applications of Encaustic  Wax.  Many years ago I had seen a demo and although impressed with the skill, was not particularly converted. Three or four years ago I went too an Embroidery exhibition and saw several pieces by Sue, who used this technique and transferred it onto fabric , which she could use in which to stitch. I truly admired this work. BUT I was still not convinced. I went along with my usual enthusiasm to learn a new technique but thought it would be just a “nice day”DSCF4596.

By lunchtime i was a convert. I had purchased a wide range of waxes, paper and even an iron. DSCF4593Above you can see a few of Sues pieces and below our attempts. There is just one problem, it was a lovely day,almost too good to be inside and our work was displayed below the wonderful lighting in the church. I cant play enough with the exposures. The colours are really drained, sorry folks.DSCF4604

DSCF4607DSCF4609If you have not tried this technique then do contact Sue for a class or come along to a play day . We have purchased the equipment necessary for an experiment , but  sadly without the knowledge and skills of Sue.I went home ready to start again but thought that might be overkill. I did however mount the seven postcards that I had made,into 11 greetings cards. The next day, six of us went to the Arena or whatever name it now has. It was mainly card demos and of course sales. Ann Pauline and I spent a relaxing 1.2 hour making a card.DSCF4610We all wished that these craft fairs had a greater textile element.

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