Monday, June 16, 2014

and another visit, Parbold

It seems ages since I visited one of the branches Parbold, in my area.So when Sue invited me to the Flower Pounding workshop, I was intrigued .I foolishly told the three travelling with me on Friday, that I needed flowers. My journey to and from the Storey was injected with cries of look over there, poppies,daisies tulips and many flowers that I cannot spell. I did not stop the car and relied on the few flowers in my garden and a bought bunch from ASDA. Far too many, many too juicy and really lots of pretty grasses would have been fine, I will buy a maidenhead fern though as it ids so pretty.

Linda demonstrated and then we began. It was like an iron foundry with the sound of hammers, but the results were instant and very pleasing.DSCF4637This is Lindas work and below is my first and only attempt.DSCF4645Carole and Jenny also attended the workshop and look very busy.DSCF4641In the afternoon , we were a little more quiet. Linda demonstrated a trapping flowers technique, which was far less stressful and again had pleasing results.Contact Linda at and top secret  but I will tell you, Carole has booked Linda for another technique next year.


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