Thursday, June 5, 2014

Out and about,Padiham

Road works in Darwen , really made my journey to Padiham quite difficult ,but I arrived on time. Patricia Tatman , our speaker,had chosen another route , but that too was jammed. So it was interesting to watch her unpack her suitcases and set up her stall.

Patricia came to talk about Costumes of the Past and was able to illustrate these ideas with a wide range of costumes that she had borrowed. This was made possible because Patricia was a volunteer at Bolton Little Theatre.DSCF4612DSCF4613Patricia explained that an actor would need to start with appropriate under garments and shoes.DSCF4614

Many pairs of shoes were passed around and closely followed by an array of hats. I actually forgot to take photos. Patricia explained that Wardrobe tried to stay true to authenticity, avoiding or at best concealing zips when necessary. Costumes have been donated or made by Wardrobe using amazing fabrics like curtaining. I believe they can be loaned for special events.An interesting talk. Don't forget your “3” for the summer competition and Xmas is “Winter wonderland”

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